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World General Knowledge

Identify the Highest waterfall in the world Victoria Tugela Angel Niagara Largest Ocean in the World Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Arctic Ocean Indian Ocean Sea of Japan is Famous because of Mineral water Reserves Oil Reserves Fishing Area Transportation “Red Sea” lies in between which two Countries Arabia and Africa China and Japan Pakistan andContinue reading “World General Knowledge”

Guide To Write a Memorandum

Memorandum is basically written to someone within the organization. Short form of Memorandum is Memo. WHY MEMO? Due to the following reasons, Memo used within the organisations Time Saving/Quick Written Record Cost Effective/Low cost Convenient/Less Communication Gap Purpose Purpose of memo is to Inform, acquire, report, remind and transmit. Make sure you are writing yourContinue reading “Guide To Write a Memorandum”

SRS Document For Smart Phone App Locker

Software Requirement Specification document is a document which completely describes the Product briefly. Here i am discussing SRS document for App Locker of Smart Phone. Every SRS Document Should Covers the Following Content Introduction Overall Description External Interface Requirements System Features Non Functional Requirements Other Requirements We will discuss each Heading one by one inContinue reading “SRS Document For Smart Phone App Locker”


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